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Metformin is a commonly used medication for type 2 diabetes.  Discovery revealed that metformin has some genetic tendency that could be interpreted to its efficacy.  Theoretically  the presence of any C allele of this single-nucleotide polymorphism /SNP is associated with metformin benefit in diabetes.  An exploratory analysis was conducted in the METTEN study for utilizing neoadjuvant metformin on HER2-positive breast cancer patients.    When neoadjuvant metformin was added to anthracycline/ taxane- based chemotherapy with the addition of trastuzumab, the pathologic complete response rate was more than doubled on those patients who had at least one C allele of a prespecified ATM-associated single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).  "Subjects with HER2-positive breast cancer -- notably those with at least one C allele of the ATM-associated rs11212617 SNP -- experienced improved IDFS and overall survival with metformin," Investigator Goodwin concluded. "However, no P value 'spend' was allocated to this comparison. As a result, it requires replication in a prospective trial focusing on the HER2-positive population."

二甲双胍是一种常用于治疗2型糖尿病的药物。 研究发现,二甲双胍有一些遗传喜好,可以预测其疗效。 理论而言,单核苷酸多态性相关的任何C等位基因若存在, 二甲双胍则有效。
同样理论用于探索乳腺癌。在METTEN研究中,对HER2阳性乳腺癌患者术前利用二甲双胍。当二甲双胍被添加到以蒽环类/紫杉醇类为基础的化疗中,再加上曲妥珠单抗,在那些至少有一个ATM相关单核苷酸多态性(SNP)的C等位基因的患者上;  显示出的病理完全反应率增加了一倍以上" 调查员Goodwin总结说:"患有HER2阳性乳腺癌的受试者--特别是那些至少有一个ATM相关rs11212617 SNP的C等位基因的受试者--使用二甲双胍后,无侵袭性疾病生存期IDFS和总生存率有所提高。"然而试验在统计学上并未分配P值,  因此它需要其他试验来重复结果, 才能做出统计学的论断。"

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