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Novel Strategy Slashes HBV Vertical Transmission Sans Immunoglobulin
by Molly Walker, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today February 15, 2022

— Cambodian study finds Tenofovir (TDF) prophylaxis for 4 weeks or more, along with early infant vaccination, helped stem hepatitis B virus (HBV) mother-to-child transmission in Cambodia, without use of hepatitis B immunoglobulin (HBIg). In a cohort of 227 infants born to TDF-eligible pregnant women with HBV, mother-to-child transmission was 0% if TDF was taken for more than 4 weeks prior to delivery, but 8.3% if TNF was taken for less than 4 weeks, reported Olivier Segeral, MD, of the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, and University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.At a press conference at the virtual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), Segeral believed the immunoglobulin-free strategy as a viable option to prevent HBV mother-to-child transmission in low- and middle-income countries where structural barriers prevent access to immunoglobulin.

作者:Molly Walker,《今日医学》副总编辑 2022年2月15日

- 柬埔寨的研究发现,特诺福韦(TDF)预防4周或更长时间,加上早期婴儿疫苗接种,有助于阻止柬埔寨的乙肝病毒(HBV)母婴传播,而无需使用乙肝免疫球蛋白(HBIg)。法国国家艾滋病和病毒性肝炎研究机构和柬埔寨金边卫生大学的Olivier Segeral博士报告说,在227名符合特诺福韦条件的HBV孕妇所生的婴儿中,如果在分娩前服用特诺福韦超过4周,母婴传播率为0%,但如果服用特诺福韦不到4周,则为8.3%。在逆转录病毒和机会性感染虚拟会议(CROI)的一次新闻发布会上,Segeral认为无免疫球蛋白策略是低收入和中等收入国家预防HBV母婴传播的可行选择。

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