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VUITY eye drops

VUITY™ (pilocarpine 1.25%HCI ophthalmic solution), the First and Only FDA-Approved Eye Drop to Treat Age-Related Blurry Near Vision (Presbyopia), is Now Available. 
- Presbyopia, or age-related blurry near vision, is a common, progressive condition that reduces the eye's ability to focus on near objects and affects nearly half of the U.S. adult population, usually over age 40; 
- VUITY is a once-daily prescription eye drop that improves near and intermediate vision without impacting distance vision for adults with age-related blurry near vision;   It directly stimulates cholinergic receptors in the eye causing miosis (by contraction of the iris sphincter), loss of accommodation (by constriction of ciliary muscle), and lowering of intraocular pressure (with decreased resistance to aqueous humor outflow). 


VUITY™(皮洛卡平1.25%HCI眼药水)是第一种也是唯一一种经FDA批准用于治疗老年性近视(老花眼)的眼药水,现已上市。- 老花眼,或与年龄有关的模糊近视,是一种常见的渐进性疾病,会降低眼睛对近物的聚焦能力,影响到近一半的美国成年人,通常在40岁以上。- VUITY是一种每日一次的处方眼药水,可改善与年龄有关的近视模糊的成年人的近距离和中距离视力,而不影响远距离视力;它直接刺激眼睛中的胆碱能受体,导致瞳孔缩小(通过虹膜括约肌的收缩)、调节功能丧失(通过睫状肌的收缩),并降低眼压(随着水液流出的阻力减少)。

以下是完全不同的产品,但我们将其与 VUITY 一起列出以进行很好的比较;以下产品与 VUITY 的机制相反。

The following is a totally different product but we listed it together with VUITY for a good comparison;  This following product works the opposite way of VUITY. 

Atropine  eye drops

Atropine  (no commercialized products available, customized recipe) A review of the published literature revealed a significant amount of evidence supporting its safety and efficacy at a concentration of 1.0%, and at lower concentrations (as low as 0.01%) on youth myopia.  Atropine has been used for more than a century to arrest myopia progression. Compelling evidence of its protective effect has been reported in well-designed clinical studies, mainly performed during the last two decades. However, its exact mechanism of action has not been determined. Experimental findings have shown that the mechanism is not related to accommodation, as was thought for decades.


 对已发表的文献进行审查后发现,有大量的证据支持其在1.0%的浓度和较低的浓度(低至0.01%)对青少年近视的安全性和有效性。 一个多世纪以来,阿托品一直被用于阻止近视的发展。在过去20年中,主要通过精心设计的临床研究报告了其保护作用的令人信服的证据。然而,其确切的作用机制还没有确定。实验结果表明,其机制与几十年来人们认为的适应性无关。 最近的临床试验表明, 与高浓度制剂相比, 低剂量阿托品滴眼液如0.01% 可以延缓近视发展, 副作用明显减少。然而, 仍然有一部分患者的反应较差, 其中最佳处理仍不明确。已提出的临床策略包括逐步增加阿托品给药频率, 以及低剂量阿托品结合增加室外活动时间。

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